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Case Studies

This changed the way we work

Before working with Ads.txt Alerts

As a successful SSP, we have a large portfolio of sites. If a publisher accidentally removes their ads.txt it has an immediate impact on our revenue. Generally, we spend a large amount of time checking these sites to ensure they are still set up correctly.

After working with Ads.txt Alerts

The platform paid for itself in the first 3 days! We now get hourly alerts when a website drops our lines and can quickly correct any issues. We see the system as a vital part of our revenue protection and couldn't live without it.

Richard Cook - Executive Director at Trade House Media

Hours saved onboarding

Before working with Ads.txt Alerts

Our business is constantly growing and we rely on our new customers getting our Ads.txt lines added asap so we can increase their revenue. This often means us having to check in with customers or manually checking their ads.txt to see if they've put our lines live.

After working with Ads.txt Alerts

Ads.txt Alerts removes the headache of tracking our new publishers. We now get hourly alerts when a site is onboarded and no longer waste time checking them.

Ben Morrisroe - Head of Publisher Development at Publift

3 Easy Steps

1. Enter the domains you would like to monitor
2. Provide your ads.txt content

3. Tell us who should be alerted.

Relax, we've got you covered.

We check over 10 million domains every hour.

Our crawlers are constantly working. If one of your publishers changes their content, we will let you know.

Know exactly when a site has removed your ads.txt lines

  • You'll receive an email detailing:
  • Which sites have removed your ads.txt
  • Which lines were removed
  • When and how long ago that was
  • Plus - See who recently onboarded and when.

Competitor Analysis

We tell you when a publisher adds more lines to their ads.txt that aren't yours, spot when they are testing your competitors!


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Questions and Answers

How often do you gather your data?

Our crawlers pull the ads.txt from each site every hour.

Do you provide training?

Absolutely, our UI contains training manuals and videos - but we are also happy to train you over a video call.

Do you have a minimum contract length?

No, our subscription simply runs month to month and you can cancel at any point.

Do you integrate with x?

We can integrate directly with most API's.

Can I get a free trial?

Absolutely, sign up now for a 7 day free trial of the service.

Who are you guys?

We are Red Volcano, a data mining business that supports the Ad Tech industry.

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